• Vision
    • Understanding the pleasure of Mathematics through inculcation of logical reasoning.

    • To activate the analytical spirit, logical thinking and desire for aesthetic perfection.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To train the mind, develop the power of understanding critical and logical thinking among pupils.

      >> To prepare learners to face challenges by providing basic knowledge and skills of Mathematics.

      >> To motivate the intellectual curiosity through application of Mathematics to the Commerce and other professional fields.

      >> To increase the richness and the utility of Mathematics in day-to-day life.

      >> To develop learners with formulating and testing numerical skills that requires in the field of higher education.

      >> To build learners with understanding of approximation in measurements and computation.

      >> To bridge the gap between sciences and higher Mathematics.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Mr. Khairnar Sagar Lahanu
    • M.Sc.Mathematics
    • 7 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Joshi Mayuri Amit
    • M.Sc.( Statistics)
    • 13 Years
    • Ms. Gharat Nilima Roshan
    • M. Sc. B. Ed.Mathematics
    • 8 years of Experience
    • Neha Patil
    • M.Sc. (Mathematics), SET, PGDM(Finance)
    • 4 years of Experience
    • Dr. Unhale Subhash Ishwar
    • M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.(Gold Medalist), SET
    • 20 Years of Experience
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