• Vision
    • The Fashion designing Course is aimed at aspiring designers and illustrators fashion trend forecaster , entrepreneur, pattern maker, stylist and anyone with an interest in the fascinating, glamorous and aesthetic world of Fashion, Style and Living.

    • To motivate the students to focus their career in Merchandising , Styling Photography, Forecasting and Graphics and make them capable of handling technical aspects , so that they play a challenging role in the field of Fashion, Style and Living.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To show how designs can be created through a systematic process of research and development.

      >> To provide knowledge in different areas of Fashion, Style and Living.

      >> To Give maximum practical Exposure.

      >> To motivate students to participate in various workshops, competitions & exhibitions.

      >> To develop overall personality of the students.

      >> To make the students learn that creating a design is not a mystical affair but simply about researching, developing and reinventing an inspiring theme.

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