• Vision
    • Recognize as an innovative leader in professional accounting education and to become one of the centers of excellence in accounting and finance education.
    • To produce ethical accounting graduates who have the academic and professional base of knowledge to meet the challenges posed by a dynamic global business environment through our teaching, service and research.
    Goals & Objectives
    • To inculcate practical approach amongst the learners by using innovative technology in the field of Accounting and Finance.
    • To enable learners to be an active instrument in changing business environment in global scenario.
    • To produce quality graduates who can apply fundamental and specialist knowledge to critically evaluate business and management issues and provides solutions.
    • To prepare the learners to be a true nation builders through the world of Accounting and Finance.
    • To equip the learners with fundamental accounting skills and principles necessary for the preparation of books of accounts and financial statements.
    • To equip the learners with theoretical and practical skills in ICT to enable them compete favourably in today’s knowledge economy.
    • To equip learners with communication skills required to effectively run and manage business office.
    • To give learners the knowledge that will sharpen their understanding of the systems of Accounting and Finance.
    • To describe the scope of financial management as a function of firm, to enable Students understand the decision making process in key financial management areas.
  • Faculty Profile

    • Aniket Ashok Sonsurkar
    • M.COM, SET
    • Auditing, Advance Accounting and Direct & Indirect Taxation
    • 5 years of Experience
    • Alok Sandeep Bhanushali
    • UGC NET, M.COM ( Accountancy)
    • Accounting and finance
    • 0.5 years of Experience
    • Sangeeta Chaganlal Parmar
    • M COM ( Accountancy)
    • Accounting and finance
    • 1.5 years of Experience
    • Ms. Divya Krupesh Mishra
    • Master of Commerce in Advance Accounting & MBA in Marketing
    • Business Communication & Research Methodology
    • 4 years of Experience
    • Ms. Ratnavali Vaman Limaye
    • Masters of Commerce, SET
    • Advance Accountancy
    • 11 years of Experience
    • Koli Karan Jagdish
    • M-Com
    • (M-Com) Accountancy
    • 1.5 years of Experience
    • Mr. Manoj Rajaram Supekar
    • M.COM, B.ED,G.D.C.A,SET,Ph.D (pursuing)
    • Advanced Accounting &Taxation (Commerce)
    • 6 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Shravani S. Mandalkar
    • M.Phil., M.Com.
    • Accounting
    • 12 years of Experience
    • Ms. Jyostna Vilas Kadam
    • Masters of Commerce
    • Accountancy
    • 3 years of Experience
    • Ms. Sonal Bhivraj Shinde
    • Masters of Commerce, Diploma in Direct & Indirect Tax
    • Advance Accounting and Auditing
    • 9 years of Experience
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