Internal Quality Assurance Cell


  • Development of a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the college.


  • To ensure continuous and holistic development of the college and to assure stakeholders connected with higher education the accountability of the college for its own quality and probity.

Goals And Objectives

  • To develop and apply quality benchmarks / parameters in various activities of the institution.
  • To disseminate information on quality aspects.
  • To organize discussions, workshops, seminars and promote quality circles.
  • To record and monitor quality measures of the institution.
  • To act as a nodal agency of the institution for quality-related activities.
  • To prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report and other reports as may be decided from time to time.
  • To co-ordinate with NAAC authorities.

  • Guidelines for the Creation of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)